Big kiss dude!

This is a message frome Mother Nature : “Please, stop the war, make peace and kiss you!”


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  1. what a great site for our pathway in the visual arts to first of all connect with our wonderful pearl floating in this vast expanse of space. We will use this site to look at natural and man made systems and all they can teach us about our future on this planetary island. These images from space show patterns that can be very insightful about how man functions within nature. It also shows beautifully natural organic patterns and how they differ in relation to man made systems.

    Ideally, we will attempt to integrate the two systems and graphically show how these two very different systems can function and be composed together with in a confluent manner

    Bravo Earth dudes for this wonderful site and its insightful content we cherish for its diverse, instructive content….Sincerely Boyd Nyberg -Department of Fine Art

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