Port of Singapore – shipping containers

Here is a small part of this huge harbor became hub in Asia for global trade. In this picture, when you see the number of containers and the number of loading crane, it is not difficult to imagine that this port is a giant in the industry, currently the world’s second-busiest port in terms of total shipping tonnage, it also tranships a fifth of the world’s shipping containers

The Port of Singapore won the award for “Best Asian sea port” at the 27th edition of the Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA). This is the 25th time it voted “Best Asian sea port” among nominees such as Busan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China, Manila, Philippines.

Covering an area of approximately 650 km ², Singapore became an independent state in 1965. In recent decades, the island has boomed, asserting itself as a major venue of globalization.


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